Gemayel says president chosen by Hezbollah only represents “Hezbollah’s republic”

NNA - Kataeb Party Leader, Sami Gemayel, on Wednesday utterly refused to have Hezbollah impose a president of the republic on the Lebanese. 

“Such a president would be the president of Hezbollah's republic and not that of all the Lebanese,” Gemayel said in a press conference. 

“The new Lebanese president should enjoy the ability and willingness to negotiate in order to restore sovereignty and deal with Hezbollah's weapons,” affirmed Gemayel. 

The Kataeb leader then urged MPs to head to parliament and elect a president who can unite the Lebanese and who is not imposed on them. 

Gemayel went on to censure the “provocative behavior and attempts to establish superiority over others, amid an unprecedented economic crisis.”

Referring to the dispute that dissolved yesterday’s joint parliamentary committees’ session, Gemayel said that the country could’ve been pushed to a very dangerous place if he had acted differently. “I don't know where Lebanon would have been today," Gemayel added. 

The Kataeb chief further regretted that despite the pressing need to move forward, “some are still living in the past.”

"We're well aware what war means, and we don't want to return to it," he warned. 





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