Wednesday 21 Feb 2024 - 12:00

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UNIFIL: Priority remains to prevent escalation, safeguard civilian lives, ensure safety & security of peacekeepers

NNA - An issued statement today by UNIFIL spokesperson Andrea Tenenti indicated the following:

"On Saturday afternoon, a watchtower inside a UNIFIL position in the proximity of Aamra, in southern Lebanon was hit by shelling causing damages to the structure.

Fortunately, no one was injured. The origin of the fire is under investigation.

Any targeting of UNIFIL positions and any use of the vicinity of our positions to launch attacks across the Blue Line is unacceptable.
Attacks against civilians or UN personnel are violations of international law.

We remind the parties of their obligations to protect peacekeepers and avoid putting the men and women who are working to restore stability at risk.

After over two months of active shelling along the Blue Line the potential for a miscalculation that could trigger a wider conflict is increasing. Restoring stability, through diplomatic channels is a priority to ensure the safety of all civilians who live near the Blue Line as well as peacekeepers.
UNIFIL’s priority remains to prevent escalation, safeguard civilian lives, and ensure the safety and security of peacekeepers."

--- Press Release



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